Efficient Coupling Of Water and Energy Technologies for Smart Sustainable Cities

Smart cities are envisioned to efficiently use two most critical resources: water and energy. Advanced techniques are being developed to conserve water. Similarly, renewable energy resources and smart devices are being implemented to meet the increasing electricity demand of the large population. 

In reality, water management and energy efficiency are complementary to each other. On one hand, electricity from the renewable sources can be used to run water pumps or other components of the water treatment. On the other hand, during the oversupply of electricity from the renewable sources, e.g. water pumps can be made operational to create a balance of energy demand-supply in the electrical distribution network.

Coupling of cross commodity infrastructure and integration of energy storage is a challenge for smart cities. With respect to ICT this project addresses the challenge to bring intelligence closer to the device, which leads to distributed design. In such a system highly integrated components from different sectors interact with each other to use available resources more efficiently and increase the overall performance.

This project envisions a smart city infrastructure with efficient water and energy distribution networks in a distributed manner. The water-energy Nexus with advanced energy storage and use of renewable energy resources has not yet been available.

The projekt will implement a software platform with progressive optimization algorithms to interconnect different infrastructures and enable their real-time monitoring and control. Forstering the utilization of renewable energy sources advanced storage technologies will we deployed and integrated which allows for a modular and distibuted operation of infrastructures.